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What’s Hot – 5/11/2012

007 fragrance

In conjunction with the release of Skyfall the 23rd Bond film and the 50th year since the film franchise began, 007 has finally revealed the way he gets all the girls*, his brand new fragrance. Dubbed simply 007, it is described as a masculine and sophisticated fragrance. There is also a limited gold edition of the fragrance and some outlets offer a free 007 cocktail shaker with certain sizes. Sadly I haven’t found the gold edition with the free cocktail shaker. For more information check out our smell like Bond article.

*This isn’t all that true

Avengers event

Last week the Avengers event in Marvel War of Heroes began. The event allows players to play missions that integrate the story of the Avengers movie around that of WOH with IS0 shards being the goal. It will have you facing turned Hawkeye and Black Widow as well as facing off against Loki. There is also the chance to win new rare cards. which is always nice.

Assassins creed 3

Assassin’s creed has returned in what is but isn’t the third outing. We have said goodbye to Ezio and Altair and have made our way across to America. Playing as a Native Indian during the American revolution in Boston and New York. AC3 brings back the open world assassination, with hunting and multiplayer, and the next installment of this long and confusing storyline. Also out the same day was Assassin’s Creed Liberation which heads off down New Orleans, so worth looking into if you have a PlayStation Vita.



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