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What’s Hot – 12/11/2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic

As of November 15th the world of Star Wars: The Old Republic will go free-2-play. When it launched the game was subscription based and opened at very high player numbers. This however has declined and the free-2-play model will come into effect this week. This will allow players to play up to level 50 amongst other limitations whilst playing for free. There will be items that will be available to purchase, but these are game enhancing rather than necessary. Subscribers will still get all the benefits they’ve always received, so they will have the game without any limitations.

Angry Birds Star Wars

If you hate Angry Birds then look away now. Rovio’s global smash has found a brand new idea for its franchise by combining it with another franchise. On first sight it appears like a cash in but upon playing the two worlds seem very well fused. In what is a natural step for the series it fuses Angry Birds space with well Star Wars. Smashing through blocks with a light saber and throwing R2D2 through space are two satisfying moments. Just odd that everything Star Wars seems to be happening around the announcement that Disney have bought the franchise.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

The biggest story this week though is the impending titan that is Black Ops 2, a game that is bound to increase the average of sick days taken around the world. With a single campaign set in the near future, normal zombies, a zombie campaign and that ridiculously addictive (still) multiplayer that COD always offers it is easy to see why this gaming behemoth is the highlight of the gaming year. Click the link here if you want to know why we thought Black ops was better than Modern Warfare 3.



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