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What’s Hot – 19/11/2012

Tom Hardy

Whilst if it were up to me Tom would be in the what’s hot section every week, there is in fact a legitimate reason this time around. Ubisoft have announced Tom Hardy is to play Sam Fisher in the movie adaptation of their Tom Clancy franchise, Splinter Cell. Whilst there is no studio attached to the project yet and the film is quite a way from happening, Tom Hardy in this role makes it a film worth getting excited about. Already. Fingers crossed then.


Rejoice GTA fans, news galore has been released on the next installment in the franchise. Returning to the setting of Los Santos the game will now centre around three playable characters instead of one. During missions you will switch between characters to show different parts of the story as they go on heist robbing banks.

PS3 Sales

A mere month after Microsoft announced their Xbox 360 machine had sold 70 million units worldwide, Sony announced the exact same news for its PlayStation 3 console. The 360 was always believed to be far ahead of the PS3 but slowly they were closing the gap. That gap is now as it appears minimal. The holiday period will be an interesting one for game sales.



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