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NG Awards – Best of British 2012

2012 was a massive year. It saw some great games, TV, movies as well as the 50th anniversary to the Bond one of the biggest franchises of all time. There is no better way then to celebrate a whole year than to give out awards so we can stroll down memory lane and remember the great things that happened in 2012. 

NG Awards 2012 – The Best of British

As a British site it is only right that we have our own award highlighting the very best that the british isles had to offer in 2012.

Best British TV programme – Doctor Who

amyrory rooftopThe previous series had been a bit wobbly in terms of consistency but 2012 saw the return to form of Matt Smith as the Doctor. There aren’t many British TV icons (or global) who can rival Doctor Who, the show is unmistakably British and very proud of it too. 2012 gave us half a season and a christmas special, of course it will be remembered as the end to the Rory and Amy storyline and the introduction of the Doctor’s new sidekick.

Best British Film – Skyfall

From one British Icon to another, James Bond is perched at dizzying heights with this critical and box office smash – Skyfall. The most successful James Bond film ever and it is easy to see why, this film was more than a spy adventure, we really felt for the characters and Skyfall is a huge emotional journey. Quite helpfully for this award it is probably the most British Bond film ever made and is not just a huge success for Bond’s 50th year but for the British film industry as a whole. Fantastic work 007.

Best British Actor – Tom Hardy

It is no secret that I am a big fan of Tom Hardy but 2012 has seen the British actor really take hollywood by storm. Hardy starred in This Means War, Lawless and the one that has sprung him into super stardom, The Dark Knight Rises. No matter if it’s the romantic Comedy of This Means War or the intense grittyness of Lawless, Tom Hardy always seems to run away with the show. Having true acting talent that has Britain firmly in the acting spot light once again.

Best British Event – London Olympics

london 2012

There has been many big event over 2012 that have worth celebrating, James Bond’s 50th, the Queens Jubilee but the one that really made an impact was the London 2012 Olympics. The bottom line was nobody thought, especially us Brits, that it would be any good. Everyone was looking forward to it but we thought we would mess it up, but we didn’t. We had Bond escorting the Queen and then watched her parachute into the Olympic ceremony, only in Britain folks. It united the country and the world was proud of what Britain had achieved. What could have been boring Britain ended up being something quite special.



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