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NG Awards 2012 – Best TV Show

2012 was a massive year. It saw some great games, TV, movies as well as the 50th anniversary to the Bond one of the biggest franchises of all time. There is no better way then to celebrate a whole year than to give out awards so we can stroll down memory lane and remember the great things that happened in 2012.

Best TV Show 2012 – Game of Thrones (Series 2)


There has been many good TV shows this year but the best has to go to Game of Thrones. This fantasy-political drama really took off this year. Sure series one was great but series 2 was relentless. There are many players playing the Game of Thrones and in Series 2 we saw some try, and fail, and some take steps closer to their challenge on the throne. The last two episodes were amongst the best of anything I have ever seen, we got to see Tyrion Lannister take on Stannis Baratheon and lose his place as Hand of the King. we saw Daenerys Targaryen use her Dragons to burn a man alive and the White Walker army in all it’s glory. Series 3 literally cannot come fast enough and there is no other TV series on that has been in such anticipation.

Runner’s up:
The Walking Dead Series 3 – first half
Doctor Who Series 7 – First half



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