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NG Awards 2012 – Best Game

2012 was a massive year. It saw some great games, TV, movies as well as the 50th anniversary to the Bond one of the biggest franchises of all time. There is no better way then to celebrate a whole year than to give out awards so we can stroll down memory lane and remember the great things that happened in 2012.

Best Game 2012 – The Walking Dead

wd5 door
The Walking Dead game did something for me that not many other games have ever done, it put me in life or death situations where I had to make choices about characters I really cared about. I had an opinion on Kenny, Ben, Lilly and the rest of the group. It was not simply choosing what I thought was right, or best to continue the game with. I had to pause the game and seriously think through what I was about to do. If a game can make you care so much about people, make you hate characters then surely they are doing something right, and they were. TWD is a fantastic game, and everybody should go on Lee’s emotional journey in NG’s game of the year 2012.

Runners up:

Assassin’ Creed 3



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