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Temple Run 2 Review

temple run 2Temple Run was a simple yet genius idea. Run along an endless path, avoiding obstacles and collecting coins as you go. All for a brand new high score or to purchase the next power up. It had millions hooked and inevitably the sequel is here.

Temple Run 2 is the same game, but completely different. The first time I booted up my mind was shaken up, Temple Run had evolved and I had to get used to it. The most noticeable at first is the graphical upgrade, it is no secret that the original had some ugly blocky graphics and whilst TR2 won’t win awards it is a lot better. When you start-up a game, surprise surprise, you are being chased but then you will slide down a rope and run down winding roads. YES WINDING! No more straight passages this time, our adventure will jump across rivers, spinning spiked logs and hop into a mine cart.You did read that right, a mine cart. You will have to lean on broken rails and avoid crashing into caved in walls. All very interesting twists on a very familiar formula. TR2 also seems that more difficult than the original, especially in the early stages, though with upgrades and practice it should become easier to escape the big monkey beast thing.

temple run 2A major change that will be apparent to anybody that played TR Brave is that the controls are more refined. After playing TR2 the original is noticeably clunky, the tilting movements left and right are easier to use and overall the experience is just a lot easier to control. The same power ups are here, but most have new pictures and you now have the option to pick your own ability. In the original if you filled up the meter in the left corner you would earn a multiplier, now you start with a shield that protects you if you run into a tree. This can be changed though and tailored to your playing style.

Anybody that loved the original will love the sequel. It is so familiar yet so new, it brings back that old feeling when you played Temple Run for the first time and just wanted to keep going. It is free as well so there are not many excuses not to check this game out, Temple Run, Brave and Temple Run 2 are all examples of the perfect mobile gaming app. Get downloading.




One thought on “Temple Run 2 Review

  1. I am starting a Temple Run 2 Users Guide to capture hidden tips and features that players discover. Check it out if you get a chance!: http://templerun2guide.blogspot.com/

    Posted by Lugg Luggski | February 1, 2013, 11:37 pm

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