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GTA V Microtransactions?

There are a few rumblings that when GTA Online becomes available on October 1st it will use microtransactions in order to buy in-game currency.


Whilst Microtransactions are no longer new they are also seen as the work of the devil, but is this unfair? What seems to get most people are these hidden little charges and this need to pay extra money for a game that you already paid for, in the case of GTA anyway.

GTA V online is something that Rockstar want to be around for years, they have plans to add new cities in the future, the likes of Vice City and Liberty City. That is a lot of time and investment to not get anything back. World of Warcraft asks for a monthly subscription and that money is used to keep the online world alive. GTA V could have asked for a subscription for their online portion of the game but microtransactions actually offer a better business model and that is the reason it has become so popular. A subscription would deter people from playing but microtransactions means anybody who owns the game can play if they want to.


You can play GTA V online and never ever pay any extra so why is it worth getting angry about, but if you want to then the option IS there, and by doing so you will support the game and you will gain the advantage from what ever it is that you have bought that is a win win situation. And at the end of the day Rockstar is a business and businesses run on money. As a business they will always ask you for money but what is better than doing it in a way that is optional and does not hinder game play or progress.

Microtransactions is one of those words that as soon as it is said people and communities will jump up in uproar, if done properly then there is no reason why it should be a problem. People seem to forget that Fifa’s most popular mode is Ultimate Team and that mode has more microtransactions than you can shake a stick at. Enjoy GTA V and enjoy GTA V online.



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