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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Episode 1 Review – spoiler free

The Human side of the super hero adventures of Marvel’s cinematic universe makes its TV debut and provides a pleasing and entertaining ride.

AOSAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D (AOS) takes place after the events of the Avengers and that of Iron-Man 3. Whilst it is not 100% essential to have watched the other film in the cinematic universe it definitely lends to the occasion. There are many references that will be appreciated by Marvel and Marvel film watchers which will otherwise be lost. The one main plot subject that will also be lost on newbies is that of Agent Phil Coulson (HE’S ALIVE!!) which is a very big mystery set to be explored within the series so it is worth watching the films to appreciate what is happening.

COLBIE SMULDERS, CLARK GREGGAOS started out a little cheesey for me and very lighthearted, I hoped that this wouldn’t mean that I could not take it seriously but this wasn’t the case. In fact the lightheartedness, especially from Coulson, ended up creating a certain charm and charisma for the episode which will hopefully carry on for the rest of the series and become a defining factor in the show. For a very serious, and emotionless character Agent Coulson is very interesting. Without laughing or even smiling he can deliver a joke perfectly, he is warm  and caring whilst also authoritative and powerful. Whilst I really hope that Coulson’s story arc is not disappointing I will have to admit Clark Gregg and Agent Coulson was a perfect fit to headline AOS.

aos wardAOS is obviously about the agents of the organisation and this episode sees Coulson put together a small team (Almost like the Avengers) of ordinary agents. Much like the Avengers the team all have their own unique skills but none of them really seem to be very good at the whole team thing. Especially Agent Grant Ward who is read his evaluation to him and well team work is the only downfall on his resume. Despite this he is a top class agent with great skill in the field but he constantly tries to worm his way out of Coulson’s project.

aos mayMelinda May also did not want in the team and the fact that she would “only have to drive the bus” managed to pull her from behind her desk and back into the field. It is unclear why Agent May was so apprehensive to get back into the action but one thing is clear, that she was a living legend in her day and Coulson seems to have more in store for her than she realises. I can’t see his promise of only driving the bus lasting very long.

aos fitz n simmmmLeo Fitz and Jemma Simmons are those brainy scientist types so are behind the scenes to the team and are very close partners. I actually found whilst they did not seem to have deep back stories to be formed (it seems at the minute) like the other characters the two had the most charisma as they bounced off each other really well.

agents30-710x400The final member Skye happens to be a bit of a computer geek and has a very big love for superheroes. If anything Skye’s character bought things down to the most human level, as the most ordinary member of the team who has no special training and just finds it all so interesting and exciting Skye was immediately relateable. You could imagine her sitting down to watch an episode of AOS.

All in all i found the opening episode to be very fun and enjoyable and worth watching, It looks like a very good foundation in which to build on, my only complaint was that the conclusion to the first episode’s climax seemed a little too convenient but aside from that I actually don’t have any other complaints.

8 out of 10






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