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Guardian’s of the Galaxy Review


When Guardian’s of the Galaxy was first announced it was seen as a bit of a risk. We had all seen the likes of Thor, Captain America and Iron-Man make the successful transition to the silver screen as Disney and Marvel dominate the superhero cinema landscape. In respect to these Marvel greats, Guardians is not your run of the mill superhero cast, we have a tree who can only say his name and a talking Racoon. It is fair to say mainstream audiences probably weren’t aware of Guardian’s of the Galaxy before the film was announced, so in many eyes it was as mentioned, a risk.

However when a film is this well put together, and well written how can it be seen as a risk? The film here is about the team, how they come together and how they get on (don’t get on) with each other. The interactions between the team is actually some of the best moments of the films, providing some moments of comedy gold. The thing that struck me the most was the level of balance between the misfits that made you fall in love with all of the characters equally. I mean everyone will have their favourites but it is hard to dislike any of the Guardians.


I liked that the film did not spend too long lingering on back story, and focused more on the formation of the team and their journey into the Guardians of the Galaxy. The dynamics between the characters sets it apart from the other films in the marvel cinematic universe and without detracting from the action or emotions the film is actually quite funny. Marvel films are more light-hearted than the likes of The Dark Knight but there are some really laugh out loud moments that I was surprised to find. I think with  the range and personalities of the characters involved it does not detract but enforce the view of these loveable rogues.

My only criticism is that whilst the Guardians get a beautifully balanced representation, the villains of the piece do not. They were not as fleshed out so that I felt I could really understand their motivations, although there were hints of it. Not at least on the same scale as the other characters in the film. If I am honest it is a small criticism and does little to detract from the enjoyment I had watching this film.




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