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Walking Dead Season 5 – 10 ‘Them’

There will be SPOILERS in this review so if you are not up to date DO NOT read further. The latest episode of The Walking Dead aired and well there might not be a lot to talk about seeing as not a lot really happened.

darylThis episode basically sees the group making their journey to Washington, however they are forced out of their van and must continue on foot. There is little water and no food so everyone is physically drained and tired, and with the two recent losses laying quite heavily on the groups mind they are all pretty mentally lost too.

The theme of the episode is about the group dealing with the loss and questioning their place in the new world and whether they can survive. The characters hardest hit are Maggie, Sasha and Daryl, the first two especially being pretty cold with the others and all but giving up. That is pretty much the premise of the entire episode, watching the group walk and be angry. I appreciate that the characters have progressed further now and developed further but it was not that fun to watch. It is an episode that may have bearing later on as we see how some of the characters, especially Sasha and Maggie continue to develop and cope (don’t cope) with the losses that group has encountered.

The biggest intrigue in the episode came as the group found they had a new ‘friend’. At a later point in the episode when the group were dehydrated and at a complete loss, they were left a present of water  from somebody unknown or unseen. The group decided to not drink or take the generous gift, and I feel like this choice will be touched upon later down the line. What was the most interesting part of the episode was when the ‘friend’ made himself known to Sasha and Maggie. His name was Aaron and what stuck me first was how ‘clean’ he looked, groomed and well-kept, not at all like this rag-tag group of survivors. He wanted to speak to Rick and this threw up more questions than it did answers, how did he know Rick and why was he being so helpful. If one thing the Walking Dead has taught me is that nice people are the ones not to trust.

Hopefully this has set up a very interesting episode for next week, especially seeing how warm and welcoming Rick is these days to strangers, but for now I am happy to have gotten past a forgettable part of the journey to Washington.





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