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Majora’s Mask N64 – Turning Back The Clock Part 2

With the release of Majora’s mask on the Nintendo 3DS I decided to do the obvious thing, play it. However unlike everybody else booting up their 3DS consoles to play through Link’s adventures against the moon I decided to play ‘The Song of Time’ and rewind time with the Nintendo 64 version.


At the end of part 1 I had reverted back to the beginning of the three-day cycle and was ready to tackle Woodfall Temple. I was very apprehensive about just how much of a hindrance the time limit would be when I finally attempted to tackle a temple, I saw this as the first real test to establish if my fears about Majora’s mask were true. Would this time limit that pushed me away from trying this game prove to be the limitation i had imagined it to be?

Truth be told it was not very limiting but also it was not a true test of this potential limitation either. When I began my second day I played the reverted Song of Time and gave myself as much time as possible. I stepped into Woodfall full of anticipation, would I uncovered was a fairly easy and short temple that I completed in around a day and a half (in Zelda time folks), and that was taking it at a comfortable pace, collecting all the stray fairies etc. As it is a first temple I guess I should have expected it to be easy, but still the length felt extremely short even with the looming time limit playing as a factor of game design. It felt more like a mini temple, like it should be a side quest, even for a first temple I believe it should have been longer. My memories of the Deku Tree are that it is not the hardest temple in the world but it was a decent length, I felt a sense of accomplishment after I had completed it. The temple itself then is a contradiction to the boss who resides in it, although not a difficult boss by Zelda standards, it was a tougher fight than I had imagined for a first boss and also at the end of such an easy temple.

I came out happy to have got a dungeon under my belt but I felt a little underwhelmed, I even had time after to collect some heart pieces which are always helpful. With not much else that I could think of doing I decided to play the Song of Time again and push on to the next area and ultimately the next dungeon. I expect bigger challenges ahead and I do expect the dungeons to become larger in length so that I can finally test whether I was right all these years about the time limit in Majora’s Mask.




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