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The Walking Dead Season 5 – 11 The Distance Review

As always this is a review for Episode 11 of the Walking Dead season 5 and will therefore contain SPOILERS of the episode and potentially any moment up to this point.

walking-dead-the-distanceLike I said the most interesting part (only interesting part) of last weeks episode was the ending and it set up for what is easily one of the best episodes of season 5 so far. I also mentioned that Rick was pretty welcoming to new people and he did not disappoint me! Sasha and Maggie take their new friend Aaron to meet Rick and the mystery game starts here. Aaron says that he has been watching them and wants to invite them to join his camp, it’s a big community with big walls and he even had pictures. Before he could finish the pitch Rick knocked him out cold and they tied Aaron up to give him the real welcome to the group experience.

I really enjoyed the fact that Rick just did not trust Aaron, even when the people he did trust told him it was okay. It says so much about what the world has done to Rick Grimes and why he is a true survivor. Aaron is actually quite a likeable character, which I can imagine is difficult for script writers to pull of with a character who is essentially a hostage the entire time. The episode plays out at a tense pace, is Aaron who he says he is? As information is drip fed and then the group go out of their way to check out if he is telling the truth or not. I really enjoyed the episode playing with the idea that you just can’t trust anyone. I found myself not trusting Aaron just because Rick didn’t.

As it turns out Aaron had been telling the truth and they set off for the camp – Alexandria – but Rick still had trust issues, the episode really came to a head when they decided to take an alternate route to the one Aaron suggested to avoid any traps only to crash into an enormous herd of Walkers in the dead of night. When a flare went off and Aaron went absolute ape s**t with fear and ran out of the car I was so tense and excited this truly was the best episode of season 5, really going back to the feel of season 3. But then it fell short, the anti climax stopped it from being the best and just stopped me from thinking the best of The Walking Dead is back.

The end saw what was basically Aaron was who he said he was, a nice guy , and the flare was because his boy friend was in danger. Which was a bit of a yawn of an end to be honest, however after this they did drive to and arrive at Alexandria. Reaching the gates just before the end titles. Rick despite now believing Aaron still has his doubts, hiding a gun outside of the camp, and after Aaron dodged Machonne’s question about having no photographs of the ‘community’ so do I.

I am hoping that the fantastic pacing and tension in this episode is a taste of what is to come in the rest of season 5, as the group enter Alexandria and things will undoubtedly kick off from here. Arguably the best episode of Season 5 so far.




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