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Super Famicon (SNES) Revisited


I looked at my TV with bitter disappointment. It wasn’t the most important part of the guest house that I had chosen to stay at in Japan, but it was still so disappointing. It is a big, old, clunky, analogue TV which doesn’t even get any of Japan’s TV channels (or any countries for that matter). All you get is that flashy white screen like a million flies running around the surface and the loud static background noise. I looked at this relic and thought to myself what good is this piece of junk, WHAT ARE YOU GOOD FOR?! And as luck would have it an answer popped into my head. SUPER FAMICON!

So my mission began at my nearest Hardoff store, a place where you can buy, well I guess hardware. In this case we got a Super Famicon, all it’s wires (that’s important), a couple of controllers and a game, and popped back to my now beloved analogue TV.

This brings me to the present, I have playing through some SNES games and the games list keeps getting bigger by the day. In this section I will post links to the available thoughts/impressions/nostalgia views as they are posted. I guess you could call this place a hub. or cos its for the SNES a SNUB. No, actually hub is fine.




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