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Nintendo Switch Event Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan. Here the very first public event for the Nintendo Switch was held. After yesterday’s show case by Nintendo, today was all about people getting their hands on the device for the first time and playing some of the new system’s games. The event itself was quite confusingly ran, with three separate queues before … Continue reading

Star Wars Rogue One – Review

Okay, I am gonna lay down all my cards on the table. Come clean. I saw this film in Japanese. Now, I do know Japanese (a bit, some, a little) but nowhere near enough to follow a film without English assistance. You might think, how can a guy who watched a film, couldn’t understand the … Continue reading

Super Mario World – Revisited

The first game I bought for my Super Famicon was my all time favourite SNES game, so for me it was a no brainer, Super Mario World. Now I will be the first to tell you this game is wrapped in a sugary coat of nostalgia and sometimes that sweet wrapping can give you rose … Continue reading

Super Famicon (SNES) Revisited

I looked at my TV with bitter disappointment. It wasn’t the most important part of the guest house that I had chosen to stay at in Japan, but it was still so disappointing. It is a big, old, clunky, analogue TV which doesn’t even get any of Japan’s TV channels (or any countries for that … Continue reading

The Last of Us 2 – The Power to Change Females in Games

*Spoilers for The Last of Us are used in this article* I have been reading news recently about how Nolan North has maybe outed TLOU2, but Troy Baker has maybe said it isn’t happening yet. All maybes and nothing concrete. There has been no announcements, the game may or may not be being made right … Continue reading

Adventure Time Movie

Cartoon Network’s popular cartoon has been made into just about everything, toys, video games, comics, clothes and now it is finally getting the movie treatment! With a deal announced with Warner Bros. the movie will be produced by Chris Mckay and Roy Lee who both had a hand in the stupidly successful ‘The Lego Movie’ … Continue reading

The Walking Dead Season 5 – 11 The Distance Review

As always this is a review for Episode 11 of the Walking Dead season 5 and will therefore contain SPOILERS of the episode and potentially any moment up to this point. Like I said the most interesting part (only interesting part) of last weeks episode was the ending and it set up for what is … Continue reading

Majora’s Mask N64 – Turning Back The Clock Part 2

With the release of Majora’s mask on the Nintendo 3DS I decided to do the obvious thing, play it. However unlike everybody else booting up their 3DS consoles to play through Link’s adventures against the moon I decided to play ‘The Song of Time’ and rewind time with the Nintendo 64 version. At the end … Continue reading