Hold the phone. what even is NG?

NG, NewGamer or whatever you want to call it is the place for all things geek. Games, Films, TV, Comics, Anime, Fashion, Music, Tech, it’s all accounted for. We are here to celebrate and share the geek lifestyle. We like to do things in an informal and lighthearted way but we do not dumb down. We believe in honesty, and as such this is reflected in our writing.
We are also independent and everyone who works here does so purely out of their geeky hearts and not for money.

I make some cool tees/artwork/shoes/teddies (insert cool item here) can I get featured in the magazine?

NG is always looking for talented individuals/groups/companies to feature and the best way is to e-mail us at: newgamermagazine[at]googlemail.com
Please include all relevant information like your name and what you do.
We also can’t promise that your work will get featured, we get a lot of requests and as much as we would like to it’s just not possible.

Can I write/photograph etc. For NGM?

Potentially. We are always on the look out for contributors but there are things to consider before you get in touch.
We currently do not pay our contributors.
Are you serious? If you are not reliable and cannot meet deadlines then we cannot use you.
We may also ask for examples of your work.

If you can tick all those boxes then please get in touch at: newgamermagazine[at]googlemail.com



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